Final Piece

This is my final piece. A one minute animation mocking David Cameron and The Conservative Party.

Idiot from Jack Gilliland on Vimeo.

Animation Illustrations and typography

These are some of the drawings ive done so far which will be part of my final animation. Iv tryed to create images and text that mocks David Cameron and The conservatives by making them look stupid.
I've illustrated the typography rather than using found computer generated type because it give me the freedom to create things that are more visually exciting. I this case have put the word 'Toff' in a bunch of bad teeth because Toffs and conservatives are quite often portrayed as having big teeth for example Margaret Thatcher.

Voice recordings

This is the script i got my friend to read which i will later animate. I have chosen these words because they are really discriptive and i think will make animating it more visually exciting.
I have sound clips but i have no idea how to put them onto a blog.


I have been reading and watching alot of things that mock politicians. As i want my animation to be humorous, i thought rather than interviewing people and hoping they say something funny about David Cameron, i would find a comedians views on him. This is an article by Charlie Brooker i found on the guardian website about David Cameron and the Conservative party and how much he hates them. I really like how he describes Cameron and think it will work great with an animation. I am going to get some quotes from this and get a friend to read it for the audio of my animation and then create an animation that illustrates what is being sed.

Political Animations

As i am going to be doing a light hearted political animation i thought i would look at some other examples of how people have gone about mocking politicians. These are some lighthearted animations taking the piss out off Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown created by mortydraw. He has chopped up audio from what was sed in the election debates to make it humorous.

Work Process

This is a work process diagram we were asked to create to get our way of working down and make us think about each step we have to take when creating our final piece. Like a to do list.

Typography Animations

For my animation i am going to be creating hand-drawn typography aswell and illustrations, so ive been looking at some examples of other people using hand drawn typography in animation.