Animation Test

Just a quick animation tester i did.

Typography Animation Experiment

This is an animation i did using hand drawn typography. I used a sound clip from "The Young Ones" and then added the animation using my type. I did this as i wanted to practice getting the timing of the animation to match the audio. I think using just typography in this animation made the pace a bit fast, i think using illustration as well typography will allow me play with the pace more.

Student Stereotypes

These illustrations by Chuck Dillon describe the different types of students that everyone is aware of.
The full list of his student illustrations:

After Effects Experiment

This is just a quick experiment i did in After Effects, using my own illustration and typography.

I Hate by Jake Hutchinson

This is a perfect example of the kind of animation i want to create, people talking with an animation using illustration and typography to illustrate the words that are being said. Also the subject matter links well as this animation is about what students hate about living with other students.

Lucy Izzard

Another idea i had, rather than trying to lip sync the words being sed in an animation, was just to illustrate the words using animation. This Animation by Lucy Izzard is a good example of this. Also the use of typography and illustration in the animation is something i want to look at further.

Final Cut Pro Task

This is my video i created in the Final Cut Pro work shop using all the imagery we were told to find relating to the story we had chosen.

Julia Pott

At the moment im thinking i want to create an animation with people talking about the typical student. So iv been looking at Julia Pott's animation because think she creates really nice lip sync animation which is what im thinking of doing.

The Young Ones

Instead of looking at the student fees protests i want to side step and look at how students are commonly portrayed. I want to take a light heart approach to this so iv been looking at comdey that portrays student life. The Young ones is great example of students being shown as dirty, lazy and a bit daft.

The young ones shows the life of four undergraduate students sharing a house and each student being a different stereotype.

Mike: The cool one, Mike is the assumed leader of the group and does not involve himself in the battles between the other three. He makes puns, which are either deliberately cheap or humorous but over-celebrated.

Rick is a self-proclaimed anarachist who is studying sociology. Rick writes poetry and calls himself "The People's Poet", believing himself to be the "spokesperson for a generation".

Vivian Basterd: The Punk,Vyvyan is a psychopathic punk metal medical student. He has orange-dyed & spiked hair and four metal stars seemingly embedded into his forehead. Hes the crazy one of the group.

Neil Pye, the hippie, is a clinically depressed, pacifist, vegetarian and environmentalist working toward a Peace Studies degree. He is victimised by other housemates and forced to do the housework, shopping, cleaning and cooking.

After Effects

This is my After Effect movie i did using my initial image in response to Student fees. I wanted this just to be a bit humours so i went for the subtle message that David Cameron is a twat.

Intro Task

I am going to focus on the story of the student protester who threw a fire extinguisher of a building during the protests and got jailed for 32 months. Iv been invovled in some of the protests so its a subject i feel a part of.


These are some videos of students opinions on the student fee rises. I think i want to show the views of the student in this project and these are some good example of interviews about there views.

This is a picture of me and some other students protesting about the tution fees in maidstone.

This is the image i created as my initial response to the story about the student protest jailed for 32months. I decided not to focus on him but just on the student protesters in general. I wanted to create something a bit silly so I gave David Cameron laser eyes destroying the protesters.